7 Day Fertility Jumpstart Course

Ready to boost your fertility fast- in 5 days?

The 7 Day Fertility Jumpstart is a video workshop and tutorial bundle to help you safely and effectively jumpstart your fertility by detoxing sugar in all forms (even the hidden one) and supercharging your liver detox process to improve your egg health from Day 1 right now!
Why Jumpstart with a detox? Because



Watch to learn more about the impact of sugar on fertility here.

What Makes This Fertility Jumpstart/Sugar Detox Different?

Because it’s linked to your fertility and gives you the tools and techniques you need to get your head, heart, ovaries, uterus, liver and taste buds on board and working with you!

  • Learn how sugar decreases fertility, including egg health and reproductive hormones

  • Learn the one type of sugar ALL sugar detoxes miss

  • Learn how to link your mind and body to work together to decrease sugar craving

  • Use the BFF Rule, WINM, Grow to Go! Eggs, Sub/Swap/Ditch, the Sugar Blues Timeline, and the 80/20 rules to make this sugar detox stick!

  • Open up your detox pathways and help your liver clear out excess hormones and chemical toxins sugar created so your reproductive hormones can rebalance

Imagine if:

  • You can improve your fertility, without spending huge amounts of money 

  • You have a road map for a simple solution that will be effective

  • You can make a change that increases the effectiveness of the other fertility supplements you’re taking

  • You KNOW how to avoid the sugar that’s everywhere, and it’s easy!

  • You have a proven process of identifying and eliminating sugar (especially the one form of sugar that everyone misses), 

  • You have proven techniques to improve your willpower and make resisting sugar easier, 

  • You have specific substitutions and meal strategies to figure out what to eat 

  • You have a timeline and guide to how you will feel during the process so you know you are on track, 

  • You can use proven strategies to deal with social situations so you won’t be tempted to give in.

This is 5 years in the making, but you can do it in 7 days!

With a baby dream that won’t wait, and knowing that there has to be something you can do RIGHT NOW to start improving your fertility: this is the course you need!

Inside, I’m giving you information that isn’t in any of my other courses.

I want your fertility to blossom, and you have to get rid of sugar and open your detox pathways to make that happen!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • On Day 1 you dive right in and learn how and why sugar is so irresistible, how to stop self-sabotaging and give yourself positive biofeedback loops to get your mind, body and hormone balance in alignment with the sugar detox, how to separate physical need for sugar (it’s not) from mental want, and use the Sugar Crave Heart Brave breathing technique (in a printable PDF) to harness your willpower to your strongest craving: the desire for a baby.

  • On Day 2, learn how to use the WINM rule to build a foundation for preventing willpower fails and empower you to create a sugar-free internal and external environment; implement the Dump the Demon Sugar Process, a step by step method of locating sugar and throwing it out, including label reading and the Many Names Of Sugar (also in PDF); identify the one everyday sugar that dooms all sugar detoxes unless it’s discarded, and use the Sugar Hardball option if all else fails.

  • On Day 3, you learn what to eat that isn’t sugar, sub/swap/ditch strategies (with a printable) for meal planning, the super snack formula that stops sugar cravings from starting, what to do about breakfast (a veritable sugar fest in the US), a formula for meals and ideas for dessert, and resources for more meal and food ideas.

  • The Sugar Blues may hit you hard, so Day 4 teaches you what the timeline for getting out is (it’s not forever!), and what to expect as you stabilize and start to feel better.

  • On Day 5, learn multiple strategies to deal with caving into sugar cravings (it’s gonna happen, I teach you what to do), for handling tough social situations that could sabotage your sugar detox (but you learn how not to let them!), what to do about special occasions, and how to keep from driving yourself crazy with perfectionism.

  • Day 6 and 7 learn how your liver detoxes toxins, and simple nutrition changes and supplements you can take to clear out your natural detox pathways. Sugar creates all sorts of inflammatory molecules: you want them out of your body!

This is how much the program costs:

(But YOU aren’t going to pay this fee!)

  • 5 days of videos: $40

  • BFF promise $5

  • Gimme Sugar Check in PDF $10

  • SCHB Breathing $20

  • WINM Success Rules $10

  • The Hidden Everyday Sugar Revealed $15

  • Sugar Detox Hardball Option: $20

  • Grow to Go Eggs Research $15

  • Sub/Swap/Ditch and Snack Formulas $10

  • Main Challenges Strategies $15

  • BONUS: Love Your Liver Detox Plan

Total $160

But, I’m not selling it for that today; today it’s selling for $29 dollars!

That’s a lot of stuff, for just $29?!?

Yes. The 7 Day Fertility Jumpstart is worth 10 or 15 x what I’m charging. Why am I offering it for such a low price?

Because if I had known this when I was trying to get pregnant, it would’ve saved me the heartache of miscarriage. That is the passion that drives me, in my practice and in my offerings. If I knew then what I know now, it’s likely I wouldn’t have miscarried three times.

My goal is to give you a huge step up in improving your fertility, in the hopes that you won’t suffer the same heartache that I did.

So I’ve priced the 7 Day Fertility Jumpstart so it’s a no brainer to buy. You won’t have to worry about another spendy fertility product. No catch, no upsell for supplements: as a digital product the 7 Day Fertility Jumpstart doesn’t require anything else. You get the know-how to get ditch sugar, supercharge your liver detox pathways and improve your fertility in 7 days.

The more I work in the fertility field, the more research I read and patients I teach, the stronger my conviction that sugar is one of the worst culprits harming fertility. But this info isn’t out there, and you sure won’t hear it from your OBGYN or RE. Even though Western medicine knows the terrible effect of sugar on fertility. With this one simple product, I can help you take a big step to improve your fertility and decrease the suffering of infertility.

I added the Bonus Love Your Liver Detox Plan because you want to open up your detox pathways and clear out the toxins and inflammatory chemicals sugar creates.

Sure, you can detox on your own. But it’s easier with a system that teaches you the what, the how, strategies for dealing with the emotional and biochemical and physical issues that come up in a detox, and how to create the willpower to stick to it.

Click below to buy the 7 Day Fertility Jumpstart program. The purchase process is automatic, and will lead you step by step on how to access the program. Once you purchase the product, you’ll create an account in my Online School, and have instant access to the videos and course material. You can download the PDFs and watch the videos whenever it’s convenient for you.

Imagine where you can be in 2 weeks, feeling more energized, less bloated or headachy, a period that maybe is a little less crampy or clotty.

In a few months, you might be ovulating more regularly or on time, or have better cycles. And you’ll have the emotional support you need to get through the sugar craving, and the social situations that tempt your willpower.

Remember, though, you have a limited time to buy the 7 Day Fertility Jumpstart! The price is $29 now, it goes up in 2 weeks!


• All women who are trying to conceive

The egg quality improvement that sugar detox creates benefits every woman trying to conceive, no matter how. What I teach you in this course is not just what to eliminate, but how to improve your willpower and create an environment that makes it easier to eliminate sugar, and resist it in every situation. if you need a step-by-step process that gives you all the information you need, in an easy-to-understand process, this is the program for you.

• Women who are trying naturally

This is the first or next step in your TTC journey. Women who want an easy but super effective way of improving their fertility: the benefits to egg and ovarian hormone levels is immediate. If you have eliminated sugar but need help during specific times in your cycles when the sugar craving gets bad, this program will help!

• Women planning to do IVF or doing IVF right now

The changes in your egg health and response to IVF meds can be immediate, and the program gives you what you need in a short time frame. YES, Even if you are ALREADY stimming, you can make a difference in your egg health. Keep sugar from interfering with your eggs’ response to the meds!