IVF Success Reset

Can This Online Course Help You?

IVF is expensive, and physically and emotionally hard. And it’s not a guarantee: the rate of success of IVF cycles is between 4-40%. That’s a HUGE financial gamble. And your reproductive endocrinologist may tell you that there isn’t anything you can do to improve your outcomes.

NOT TRUE. There is nothing that *Western medicine* can prescribe that will improve your outcomes.

But that’s *NOT* the same thing as no way to improve your success rates. There are clinically proven, research-based steps that work. I use them with my patients all the time, and you can learn them too. If you are going through IVF 2-3 months in the future, this is the program you need to reset your fertility and increase your cycle success.

You can improve egg quality, hormonal balance, and neural signaling to help increase your chance of success. That, dear friend, also includes addressing the stress and heartache of fertility issues. There is no other course available that addresses your fertility concerns, body, mind and heart.  By combining the best of Western research and  Chinese medicine understanding of the whole body and systems, you will reset and improve your fertility. And, you’ll feel better, too, because you’re helping your body and heart do what they want to do: get pregnant!

It’s a win-win!

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Additional Support Available Through Private Consultation

I offer the option of a private consultation bundle. Private consultations are 2 one-hour Zoom or phone consultations that enhance what you learn in the course. During your consultation, we’ll create a personalized fertility reset plan that includes:

  • Brief records review

  • Appropriate supplements for your specific needs

  • Eat for fertility nutrition plan,

  • The “goldilocks” exercise plan (not to much, not too little)

  • Individualized stress neutralization techniques,

  • Optimal baby dance timing suggestions,

  • Review your fertility hormone profile,

  • Any suggested additional testing,

  • Advice to manage specific fertility issues,

  • Addressing male factor issues/ insuring sperm quality,

  • Critical questions to ask your fertility doc/OBGYN,

  • Treatment option discussion

  • Please note that consultation does not involve diagnosis or treatment advice.

Your body knows how to do fertility. It just needs a fertility reset so you can achieve your optimal fertility health!