How to Order Supplements:

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The Basics: What to Order??

So many choices on the market: what prenatal to get? And how much to spend? Supplements can get expensive…. It’s overwhelming! There are essential nutrients that every woman needs, and depending on your particular issue, there are others that are helpful. There are also supplements that might cause more issues if you take the wrong ones. I spend a lot of time following the research on this to help women sort this out.

In both courses, TTC Naturally and IVF Success, I discuss supplements and recommend some specific brands. You can get some of the supplements from me, at a discount! I’ve summarized a few basics below if you haven’t taken the course yet but want to get started pronto.

Prenatal: I recommend is the Prenatal Pro Essential Packets, from Designs for Health. It includes EVERYTHING you need for a prenatal. Most prenatals are NOT complete: they are missing the total amount of calcium, magnesium and Omega 3/DHA that you need. I talk about why you need these vitamins in the course.

The Prenatal Pro Essential pack has it all, in a highly absorbable, high quality prenatal vitamin. All of the recommended the RDA of calcium and magnesium for pregnancy (which is never included in adequate amounts in commercially available prenatals) and the RDA for Omega 3. Additionally, the prenatal is formulated with folate, the correct form of folic acid for pregnancy. I have found that patients who don’t do well with vitamins in general do very well on this prenatal.

I also recommend CoQnol, which is a highly absorbed form of CoQ10. CoQ10 is a very delicate molecule, and doesn’t get absorbed very well. Only 1% of most commercial Q10 gets absorbed. CoQnol is formulated to protect the Q10 molecule, and 8% is absorbed, one of the highest rates available. Q10 is important for egg quality: the Q10 molecule increases energy available in the egg so it can power fertilization and implantation.

50% of your immune system is in your gut. I recommend that everyone take a probiotic, to increase nutrition absorption, decrease inflammation, and improve your gut function and immune system. For anyone who wants a strong probiotic, you can order Probiotic Supreme DF, which is dairy free, and on a time release system so your entire gut benefits from the probiotics. This probiotic is a substitute for the Jarrowdophilus I recommend, and is good for maintenance.