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Not to scale!! Sperm are the smallest cell in the human body

Sperm 101: Because No One Ever Explained Anything About Sperm and Fertility To You!

If you didn’t learn anything about sperm in sex ed Class, don’t be embarrassed: no one did. Knowing the basics of sperm and fertility can help boost your ability to conceive. You may have heard that it’s not possible to improve sperm count and quality, but that isn’t true! So grab a cool glass of water, settle down, and watch my video on sperm. Here’s the link: Sperm 101: Everything You Want To Know

Some Basic Facts About Sperm and Fertility

40% of infertility is a male factor issue. Whether the issue is not getting pregnant, or repeat miscarriage, 40% of the time male factor issues are involved. (NIH: Infertility is Due to Male Factors in 40-50% of Cases)

Yes, that is an accurate number. But most fertility procedures and treatments address the woman. Why? Why does the WOMAN have to go through IVF or IUI if there is a male factor issue?

Because conventional Western medicine doesn’t quite know how to improve sperm quality. Sometimes they will put a man on clomid to increase sperm count; sometimes that works. But it doesn’t always…and there are basic sperm health steps you can take to improve sperm production and function.

What Does Sperm Do, Anyway?

Sperm contribute 23 chromosomes to the embryo. One of those chromosomes determines the sex of the baby: it’s the SPERM that carries the code that will determine if the baby is a boy or a girl!

sperm dna contribution to creating embryo

Sperm carries 23 chromosomes, including the gender chromosome

Sperm is basically a DNA delivery service: it transports the DNA from the man to the DNA-containing egg from the woman, where the 23 chromosomes combine to make the DNA blueprint for a baby.

Anything that harms the package or the DNA is a problem.

What If I Don’t Have Any Sperm Fertility Issues?…Watch Anyway.

There are always things you can do to improve sperm health. Watch the video and learn anyway. The stronger your male fertility, the less pressure it puts on the egg. Why is this important for conception?

The Egg Will Try To Compensate For ANY AND ALL Sperm Defects, Potentially Decreasing Chances for Conception

If there is any problem with the sperm, the egg will compensate for it. If the egg is only moderately healthy, that can overtax the egg’s functional abilities, resulting in failed conception or implantation.

Steps to improve sperm health can increase the chance for conception. None of the changes are hard to do, so why not implement them?

Get Your Head In The Game

Sperm matters. Lots of guys don’t want to know if their sperm is the issue, because they don’t want infertility to be their fault. That’s not a helpful way to think about it, and can create upset and anger. Figuring out the different pieces of the infertility puzzle is not about assigning blame, ever.

Think of testing and choices around fertility as your first co-parenting decisions.  It’s about information, and partnering with each other. A sperm analysis will get you the information you need to help each other improve your fertility so you can get pregnant.

3 Hot Tips for Improving Sperm Health

The tips are hot: the sperm shouldn’t be. Sperm hate heat. Heat is a huge problem for sperm. I talk about that more in my video.

How Do You Figure Out If You Have A Sperm Fertility Issue?

A sperm analysis is a basic test; the man gives a sample of his semen in a lab which tests the number, shape and motility (how well the sperm swims): the basics of sperm and fertility measurements.

It means giving a sample at at the lab, which means ejaculating into a cup in the bathroom. Not sexy or fun at all, but the information from the sperm analysis is critically important to determine if there is a sperm issue.

How much fluid you ejaculate is NOT related to how fertile you are. What the test establishes is how many sperm you have swimming in the fluid. That has to be done in a lab.

It’s Not a Fun Test for the Guy….

I promise, no one knows or cares what you are doing in the bathroom to get that sample. Everyone is too worried about whatever brought them to the lab.

The test isn’t comfortable….you can’t use lube and the friction can burn. I do recommend looking at hot pix of your female partner, bring a dirty mag that turns you on, or recall some of the fun sex you’ve had in your head to make the donation process go smoothly and quickly.

What If The Sperm Analysis Reveals A Problem?

Then it’s time to contact a fertility specialist who can help you implement a program to increase sperm health. Acupuncturists that specialize in fertility craft treatments that often improve sperm quality. I cover that in my course, too; see the section below.

If you work a job where heat is a constant issue, there may be another test you need. Check out my blog on Covid-19 Impact on Fertility. I discuss how heat is a problem for men, and how the Sperm DNA fragmentation test can give insight into potential heat damage.

What Can I Do To Improve My Sperm Count/Quality/Motility and Increase Fertility?

Human sperm

Human sperm: perfectly evolved to deliver the goods!

I devote a whole module to improving Male Fertility in my course www.fertilityresetonline.com. I discuss several ways to improve sperm health in the video too.

But remember, it takes 75-90 days to see the results of any changes to improve sperm health.

I also teach you three important and easy steps you can take now in the video.

The Take Away

–40-50% of infertility issues are caused by male factors

–Learning the basics of sperm health is a key way to improve sperm health; watch the video to learn more

–Sperm determine the sex of the embryo!

–It’s not about fault: it’s about working together to overcome fertility issues.

— There are ways to improve sperm health; learn 3 ways how

–Sperm analysis should always be done if the couple is having trouble conceiving or maintaining a pregnancy

Click here to watch the video! Sperm 101: Everything You Want To Know


Dr. Lisa


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