Includes everything you need to know

“I have read a lot of materials about fertility, and Dr. Lisa Grant’s online workshop is by far the most comprehensive one. The workshop includes all topics you need to know to prepare yourself mentally and physically in the trying-to-conceive journey. Dr. Grant goes in depth in each topic with a lot of scientific evidences and mechanism of action, but she makes it very clear and easy to understand. This helps tremendously in motivating yourself to make the change in your lifestyle once you understand your body dynamics. One of the most valuable topics to me is to understand how mental and physical stresses affect fertility.  Dr. Grant is very personal and thorough in her lecture, because she gave her own personal experience as examples, the lectures were very engaging and hit home with what I have been going through. The quizzes at the end of each chapter are very helpful to reinforce  what she went over and to help me remember everything better. Overall this workshop provides a lot of valuable information and I highly recommend it. ”
– H.N.

Made All the Difference

“After five failed IVF cycles and two miscarriages, I sought Lisa’s help. Suffering from premature ovarian failure at the age of 32, I was skeptical that anything could help me but I enrolled in the 90 Day Fertility Reset Program. I was automatically impressed with the depth of the research involved and the breadth of support the program offered. A few of the components didn’t work for me and Lisa modified them to better suit my needs. The program did not just treat and support my infertility…. but also the corresponding emotional pressures….I can happily report I’m holding my seven week old baby girl as I type this. I cannot emphasize enough the kindness and the quality of support I received from Lisa. I genuinely believe Lisa’s help made all the difference for me. My only regret is that I didn’t find Lisa sooner.”
– J.G.

My life has changed

“I wish I could give more than 5 stars. Working with Lisa, my life has positively changed drastically. I learned so much about my body, how it processes food, hormone changes, and what it needs. I initially contacted Lisa to help with getting pregnant as I had some issues the past year as well as having an underactive Thyroid. Lisa took careful time getting to know me and my needs. Mirroring Lisa’s patience and dedication to me getting pregnant was so beneficial during the journey. She made me feel normal and her confidence radiated and lifted me at the hardest times……I am now almost 5 months pregnant with a healthy baby! I can’t stress enough how much I recommend Lisa.”


Lisa makes it so easy & helpful!

A few years ago my husband & I decided to start a family, we tried naturally for quite sometime & never conceived. While trying naturally I realized my periods were all over the place, so we found the “best” doctor in our county to run some tests. He brushed us off since in his eyes it “wasn’t that serious”. After feeling incredibly helpless I took to as Lisa puts it so well “Dr. Google” to figure out what was going on, I did everything it said but still nothing, But I did discover Chinese medicine &how it can help so much with fertility issues which was very intriguing because I’d rather go a natural route.

After moving to Las Vegas we decided to look for a specialist who was highly rated & educated. That’s when I found my savior Lisa Grant. As soon as I went to her website my heart felt peace, she was so kind & honest plus incredibly educated. I immediately sent an email for my consultation, within minutes of our phone consultation she knew EXACTLY what was going on in body (PCOS) & had a plan on how to get me on track. After hanging up I cried to my husband about how I finally found someone who could help us. Lisa informed me over her workshop to reset my fertility & my only question was “WHEN!?”.

At the workshop we went over EVERYTHING, now I’m medically trained & my mother was in the medical field for 40+ years & we both never learned about PCOS either in school or in the field. Lisa has an answer for everything since PCOS was such a new thing for me I as well as other clients had many questions & Lisa made me feel more confident that I can handle this with ever answer. I left the workshop feeling so confident that I would become a mother soon, a confidence I hadn’t had before. I learned more about myself and my health in that workshop than ever before…. I recommend anyone who is wanting to start a family and looking for someone to help them get on track to go see Lisa. She helps you literally from the inside out starting with proper nutrition & supplements which let me tell you can be quite overwhelming when you’re trying to do it with Dr. Google, but Lisa makes it so easy & helpful! Plus she’s always there for you no matter what!

How many of your doctors can say that?

Thank you Lisa for everything you’ve done for me so far & helping me continue my journey to being a mother.


Helpful, Easy to Follow and Eye-Opening!

Dr. Lisa Grant’s online class is helpful, easy to follow and eye-opening! I’ve been diagnosed with low AMH levels and the online class has helped me make lifestyle changes, that have already started making me feel better after just a few days! I loved this class because it was interesting and I was able to watch it on my time, when it was convenient for me. After I finished the class, Dr. Lisa answered all of my questions about my fertility issues. She is friendly and professional. If you’re looking for an alternative, overall body-holistic healing for your fertility, I highly recommend Dr. Lisa Grant, her class and the services.


Kind, Honest, and Incredibly Educated

She was a Perfect Fit

Lisa Grant, OMD helped me achieve pregnancy naturally in a little over 3 months. I am a heart patient who suffered cardiac arrest in my early 20s and doctors thought the lack of blood flow essentially left my right ovary useless. Prior to seeing Lisa, my husband and I spent a year after getting married trying to get pregnant. We finally did, only to find out the embryo implanted near my only working left ovary. We were devastated not only for the loss but the fear my chances of conceiving were over. Luckily my left tube and ovary were saved but we endured another year of infertility and failed fertility treatments. I know that anyone woman out there suffering from infertility knows, you have a point where you feel like you can’t do it anymore, I was there. Don’t give up, step back, and listen to what your body needs. I took a break from fertility for me. My body was riddled with hormones, emotionally drained and I needed to get healthy. I reached out to Lisa and from the first phone call, I knew she was a perfect fit. We set up a plan to give Acupuncture and lifestyle changes at least 90 days. I wasn’t expecting to get pregnant naturally, we figured after 90 days my body would be ready and my egg quality improved for one last shot at IVF. We planned to start IVF in March and I got pregnant naturally on Valentine’s Day. My husband and I both know I wouldn’t be pregnant right now without the help of Lisa! We are forever grateful for our chance to have a child and are expecting a healthy baby boy! Thank you, Lisa, we can’t wait until the COVID isolation orders are lifted so I we can thank you in person. Update: Since writing this-I am now 23 weeks along with a healthy baby boy, hitting every milestone we are given with the next one right around the corner. Thank you again!!

-Elizabeth B.

Your body knows how to do fertility. It just needs a fertility reset so you can achieve your optimal fertility health!